ProteinLogic has patent granted in USA and EU, files 2nd patent

ProteinLogic (PL), the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, has received approval for granting of its first patent in biomarkers for the diagnosis of Tuberculosis in the USA and the EU.

At the same time, the company has filed a 2nd patent in the same space. This new patent allows the company to expand the applicability of its unique biomarker signatures in the diagnosis of Tuberculosis (TB), while introducing further unique combinations of biomarkers that can provide accurate information for the diagnosis of the disease. This patent was critically informed by the results generated from the completion of screening of large cohorts of clinical samples sourced from clinical studies commissioned by ProteinLogic, and from a successful Freedom-to-Operate study performed by the company in June 2018.

With a granted patent, and another, expanded patent under review, ProteinLogic is now well positioned to enter the market in diagnostics for TB, disrupting the current standard-of-care, and making an impact in the fight against this terrible disease.