Corporate History

ImmiPrint® diagnostic technology is partly based on the work on monoclonal antibodies, for which Milstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1984.

The ImmiPrint® technology was developed by Dr César Milstein and Dr Adrian Woolfson, based on the discovery at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge UK. They were subsequently joined by Professor Nick Hales from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge UK.

In December 2003, the University of Cambridge UK granted ProteinLogic Ltd a worldwide, and exclusive license to commercially exploit intellectual property owned by Cambridge University UK, Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust (now Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), and the Medical Research Council (MRC).

Since then, ProteinLogic Ltd has received a number of grants, awards and prizes, mostly notably an EU Horizon 2020 award for the development of a new Tuberculosis diagnostic based on ImmiPrint®, achieving a major milestone in 2017. ProteinLogic has further joinined the PanCanRisk Horizon 2020 consortium for the discovery of new diagnostic signatures for early stage cancer diagnosis, with work expected to complete in 2018.