ProteinLogic awarded Technology Strategy Board funding to a novel diagnostic test for tuberculosis

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2013-02-18) – ProteinLogic awarded Technology Strategy Board funding to support its research into a novel diagnostic test for tuberculosis
ProteinLogic, the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, has been awarded a grant by the Technology Strategy Board – the UK’s national innovation agency – to help support the development of a new diagnostic test for tuberculosis (TB).

ProteinLogic has identified a panel of biomarker proteins that has the potential to form the basis of a simple diagnostic blood test to differentiate between patients with active and latent TB infections. The Technology Strategy Board funding, awarded through the Biomedical Catalyst programme, will enable ProteinLogic to carry out clinical feasibility studies to optimise the test, and to provide proof of confidence before committing to an R&D programme to develop the test. The funding will also support market research to identify the optimum route to market, and to develop a commercialisation plan.

Existing TB diagnostic technology is globally acknowledged to be sub-optimal. This project aims to develop a new methodology for the diagnosis of active TB, and for differentiation from the latent form. Accurate, early diagnosis and treatment of TB reduces the prevalence of infective cases and has dramatic potential for disease control. Existing TB diagnostic methodologies are dependent on the isolation of the microorganism from clinical samples; this new diagnostic test utilises the profiling of the unique immunological response to TB infection to confirm the diagnosis.

ProteinLogic’s Chairman Dr Paul Rodgers said: “We are delighted that the Technology Strategy Board is funding this project. Their funding will allow us to continue to optimise our novel TB test and to develop a commercialisation plan. We thank the Technology Strategy Board for its support.”


Further information:

Dr Paul Rodgers, ProteinLogic Ltd, telephone: +44 (0)1223 703146


ProteinLogic is a biomarker discovery and exploitation company developing a novel diagnostic platform and diagnostic products that address key unmet medical needs in infection and inflammatory diseases. The Company has developed a proprietary biomarker technology (ImmiPrint®) with potential to diagnose and predict early onset of diseases, and to provide information as to how a disease is likely to develop and respond to particular drug treatments. The technology is based upon the profiling of a discrete subset of immune system proteins (‘sCD’) found in the blood and other body fluids.

In addition to the TB diagnostic test there are a number of potential follow-on products in the Company’s pipeline including a novel test to stratify patients with chronic hepatitis B infection.

Technology Strategy Board

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The funding was awarded by the Technology Strategy Board through the Biomedical Catalyst programme. The £180 million Biomedical Catalyst is an integrated translational funding programme jointly operated by the Medical Research Council and the Technology Strategy Board providing responsive and effective support for the best life science opportunities arising in the UK.