ProteinLogic announces successful identification of ImmiPrint diagnostic signatures for several new diseases

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2010-04-27) – ProteinLogic Ltd. (“the Company”), today announced that preliminary ImmiPrint diagnostic signatures have been successfully identified for several new diseases. These encouraging results follow the completion of a range of exploratory tests of different diseases using its proprietary ImmiPrint technology.

ProteinLogic has consequently now demonstrated the utility of its diagnostic technology across several different diseases and disease areas. The sensitivities and specificities make it appropriate for the Company to consider validation of some of the ImmiPrint tests.

The Company believes that the new results constitute a generalised proof of concept for the ImmiPrint diagnostic biomarker discovery platform and demonstrates that it is able to identify preliminary diagnostic signatures for a broad range of different diseases and disease areas. This should help ProteinLogic to extend its validation of ImmiPrint technology as an important new tool in assisting with the rapid identification of blood-based diagnostic biomarker signatures.

Mahesh Shah, ProteinLogic’s CEO, said: “These results are very encouraging and indicate that ImmiPrint signatures could have general diagnostic utility”.

ProteinLogic’s Director of Marketing, Dr Richard Cumming, said: “These extended results indicate the potential utility of the ImmiPrint approach to diagnostic biomarker discovery. The Company looks forward to extending the validation of the ImmiPrint technology that includes cost-effective diagnostic biomarker discovery”.