ProteinLogic appoints Dr Roslin Russell as VP Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

ProteinLogic, the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, has appointed Dr Roslin Russell as Vice President of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology to bring technical expertise in the execution of the company’s R&D strategy.

Before joining ProteinLogic, Roslin Russell spent eight years working for the Cambridge Institute, Cancer Research UK, as a computational biologist specialising in high-throughput data analysis: microarray, next generation sequencing and protein mass-spectrometry. With eighteen years’ experience in bioinformatics and computational biology she’s also been hands-on with wet-lab experiments and her research areas include parasitlogy and infectious diseases, immunology as well as oncology. Roslin will use her capabilities to develop and refine diagnostic algorithms and will also input into experimental design and the company’s R&D strategy.

Roslin comments: “I’m very thrilled to be part of the PL team. My background in immunology, cancer, infectious diseases and computational biology will be well-matched to PL’s research and development.”

ProteinLogic’s Chairman Mahesh Shah said: “We are delighted to welcome Roslin to her new role at ProteinLogic. Her appointment will strengthen the Company’s technical team and increase our bioinformatics and research development capacity. We look forward to working with her as she plays a significant role in the further development of the Company”.