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ProteinLogic Presents at McGill Summer Institute on Advanced TB Diagnostics

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2018-06-25) ProteinLogic (PL), the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, was invited to present its latest findings at the 8th McGill University’s Summer Institute for Advanced TB Diagnostics, held on the 18th-22nd of June 2018, in Montreal, Canada. CEO Nicolas Huber presented PL’s exciting developments in TB diagnosis to participants from the global TB community, including members of the medical community, NGOs, epidemiologists, national TB program leaders, and industry experts. The results garnered significant interest for further implementation for collaboration and implementation of PL’s diagnostic in clinical practice, which avenues the company in now actively exploring.

ProteinLogic Joins BIVDA

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2018-06-06) – ProteinLogic the biomarker discovery and exploitation company has become an affiliate member of the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA). BIVDA is the national trade association for companies with major involvement and interest in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry and has represented manufacturers and distributors of IVD products for over 25 years. Through BIVDA, ProteinLogic now has the opportunity to work with other members who share a common interest; participate and gain insight in many areas impacting the IVD industry such as regulatory updates and Brexit; be involved in championing the industry to politicians and…

16 February 2004

Health check: University of Cambridge grants exclusive world-wide licence to ProteinLogic Ltd. to develop unique test for universal disease diagnosis Cambridge University