ProteinLogic Attends the 71st AACC Meeting

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2019-08-06) – ProteinLogic, the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, is attending the 71st annual scientific meeting & clinical lab Expo of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC).


Dr Nicolas Huber, CEO of ProteinLogic, commented: “The AACC meeting, with its exclusive focus on laboratory diagnostics, is the most prestigious meeting to be attending in the space. Our presence here creates new opportunities for ProteinLogic for strategic collaborations with established IVD manufacturers with an interest in our assets and platform technology. Further, it allows us to stay abreast of the current thinking and developments in the field of laboratory science.”


ProteinLogic Completes Multi-Site Clinical Study on TB, Reports Results Exceeding WHO Requirements

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2019-08-01) – ProteinLogic, the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, today announces the completion of its multi-site study on the use of its novel diagnostic technology, ImmiPrint®, for the ruling-out of Active Tuberculosis (TB) disease from a blood sample.

Previously, the company had shown that its ImmiPrint  technology could achieve the requisite clinical accuracy in a significant internal study of approximately 1000 clinical samples on laboratory-grade immunoassay platforms.

Under an EU Horizon 2020 grant (ADVANTAGE 666308), the company built on this work and commissioned clinical studies for the collection of further blood samples from subjects suspected of Active TB disease. Prospective samples were collected from TB clinics in Brazil, South Africa, Spain and the UK. The tested combined cohort from all sites comprised 1343 genetically diverse clinical samples.

ProteinLogic’s test exceeded the WHO-mandated clinical performance of 90% and 70% sensitivity and specificity respectively. In particular, sensitivity was 91%, specificity was 75%, and Negative Predictive Value (NPV), a key measure for a rule-out test, was 94%. Such results have not been reported to date from a blood test from cohorts of mixed backgrounds, as immunoassay approaches have traditionally been optimized on local populations and do not apply well to different genetic backgrounds. Importantly, these results were obtained from analysis of the samples on a new immunoassay measurement device that could potentially be used at the Point-Of-Care, proving that the ImmiPrint technology is transferrable across platforms.

Dr Nicolas Huber, CEO of ProteinLogic, commented: “The results from our latest, multi-site study prove conclusively that ProteinLogic has achieved a significant milestone, not only as complete clinical validation of its ImmiPrint technology in TB, a very difficult to diagnose disease, but also in the development of a diagnostic test with the ability to support the fight against this deadly disease. Having built evidence of the applicability of our novel approach across measurement platforms, we are confident we are entering the market with a diagnostic solution that is readily adoptable in settings where it is needed most, and are looking forward to expanding our technology to other indications”.

ProteinLogic is preparing publications of these results in peer-reviewed journals.

The company would like to thank the EU for the support of its work through the Horizon 2020 grant mechanism. The company would also like to thank its clinical collaborators across the globe for their support in this study.

ProteinLogic has patent granted in USA and EU, files 2nd patent Company expands presence in the TB biomarker space

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2019-01-17)

ProteinLogic (PL), the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, has received approval for granting of its first patent in biomarkers for the diagnosis of Tuberculosis in the USA and the EU.

At the same time, the company has filed a 2nd patent in the same space. This new patent allows the company to expand the applicability of its unique biomarker signatures in the diagnosis of Tuberculosis (TB), while introducing further unique combinations of biomarkers that can provide accurate information for the diagnosis of the disease. This patent was critically informed by the results generated from the completion of screening of large cohorts of clinical samples sourced from clinical studies commissioned by ProteinLogic, and from a successful Freedom-to-Operate study performed by the company in June 2018.

With a granted patent, and another, expanded patent under review, ProteinLogic is now well positioned to enter the market in diagnostics for TB, disrupting the current standard-of-care, and making an impact in the fight against this terrible disease.

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ProteinLogic Appoints Dr Edward Gibson as Non-Executive Director

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2018-09-01) – ProteinLogic, the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, has appointed Dr Edward Gibson as Non-Executive Director.

Dr Gibson holds a holds a degree in Chemistry from Bristol University, and a PhD in Biochemistry from Oxford University, where he also performed postdoctoral research. Since then, he has held a number of senior leadership roles with Bristol-Myers Squibb, focusing on commercialization and lifecycle management within the company’s oncology department, rising to becoming a member of the European oncology steering committee. He then went on to become Senior Director for New Product Strategy and EU commercialization with AVEO, as a member of the senior executive team. Since 2013, he has held the role of Global Pharma Key Opinion Leader for the Korean Health Industry Development Institute, and has devoted himself in the development of solutions to complex issues in healthcare access a CEO of an independent consultancy.

Dr Gibson commented: “Joining the board at this critical time in the development of ProteinLogic is an extremely exciting opportunity. I am looking forward to working with the diverse and knowledgeable team members in developing and delivering credible, commercial diagnostic solutions to complex disease problems. Starting with the acute need in identifying cases of Active Tuberculosis.”

Dr Nicolas Huber, CEO of ProteinLogic, commented: “I am very excited to welcome Dr Gibson to the board of ProteinLogic. He brings a wealth of knowledge in the biotech industry, including in markets in which ProteinLogic has keen interest. With his extensive expertise in the commercialization of novel products in the field, he will be instrumental in helping the company define the most direct and profitable routes to market for our unique Immiprint diagnostic for the ruling-out of Active Tuberculosis, maximizing the value of our solution. Dr Gibson’s  joining strengthens the board of the company with unique commercial know-how that is of paramount importance to our success. I am personally very much looking forward to closely collaborating with him in the near future.”

ProteinLogic Presents at McGill Summer Institute on Advanced TB Diagnostics

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2018-06-25) ProteinLogic (PL), the biomarker discovery and exploitation company, was invited to present its latest findings at the 8th McGill University’s Summer Institute for Advanced TB Diagnostics, held on the 18th-22nd of June 2018, in Montreal, Canada.

CEO Nicolas Huber presented PL’s exciting developments in TB diagnosis to participants from the global TB community, including members of the medical community, NGOs, epidemiologists, national TB program leaders, and industry experts. The results garnered significant interest for further implementation for collaboration and implementation of PL’s diagnostic in clinical practice, which avenues the company in now actively exploring.

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ProteinLogic Joins BIVDA

CAMBRIDGE, UK (2018-06-06) – ProteinLogic the biomarker discovery and exploitation company has become an affiliate member of the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA). BIVDA is the national trade association for companies with major involvement and interest in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry and has represented manufacturers and distributors of IVD products for over 25 years. Through BIVDA, ProteinLogic now has the opportunity to work with other members who share a common interest; participate and gain insight in many areas impacting the IVD industry such as regulatory updates and Brexit; be involved in championing the industry to politicians and policy makers; and help play a leading role in overcoming global health challenges such as Antimicrobial Resistance.

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ProteinLogic is a biomarker discovery and exploitation company developing novel diagnostic products that address key unmet medical needs in infection and inflammatory diseases. The first product in the pipeline is a novel diagnostic blood test for tuberculosis. The Company has developed a proprietary biomarker technology (ImmiPrint®) with potential to diagnose early onset of diseases, and to provide information as to how a disease is likely to develop and respond to particular drug treatments. The technology is based upon the profiling of a discrete subset of immune system proteins found in blood and other body fluids.

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