Product Development

ProteinLogic’s ImmiPrint® technology has the potential to impact the clinical diagnostics market and the emerging market for predictive and other biomarker applications. Potential uses of ImmiPrint® technology include the discovery of biomarkers for:

  • Early, accurate and non-invasive diagnosis
  • Prediction of which patients are likely to respond to therapeutic interventions
  • Monitoring response to drug interventions
  • Shortening the length of clinical trials by identifying surrogate markers of clinical efficacy
  • Disease stratification according to prognosis and clinical outcome
  • Identification of patients at risk of drug toxicity
  • Monitoring disease progression
  • Detection of minimal residual disease

In addition to developing its TB diagnostic test, the Company expects to create considerable additional value through the validation of other ImmiPrint® signatures in its early stage development pipeline, with a focus on infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.